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Monday, October 26, 2015

Harry Potter and the After School Art Club

We are in our third week of after school art club.  It's been a lot of fun and every day I have one or two students ask me if it is too late to join.  It's not and I make sure to get them a permission slip that I conveniently put on the table by the front door of my classroom.

Art Club is a little more relaxed than regular class.  We do a lot of projects that we just can't do during school because of time, supplies and materials.  For our first project, we have been making "Harry Potter Wands" mostly because I wanted to make one myself.  

I bought a bunch of chopsticks and a ton of glue sticks, showed them a couple of YouTube videos and let them loose.  I've had a container full of beads and sequins and other assorted baubles since I've been at AMS and I let them sort through it to find things to add dimension and interest. 

Don't tell anyone but I think there may be a few Bulldog moms, dads, sisters and brothers that might find some magic under their Christmas trees.

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