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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Drawing Challenge

I am sorry that I have been such a loser pants when it comes to blogging.  The last couple of months have been a storm of trying to get things together for the end of the year coupled with not feeling too great as well.  I am sure that some of you can relate but the only thing that I have wanted to do when I get home is to pull the covers over my head.  I keep telling myself that summer will make it all okay and I hope that is true.

That being said, I know that many of my students start looking for something to do during the summer no more than 2 weeks into vacation.  After seeing all the "30 Day" photography (and such) challenges on Instagram, I thought that it would be fun to issue a 'Summer Drawing Challenge' to my students.  I came up with 25 fairly broad things for them to draw over the summer to be turned in the first week of school, next year.  For their efforts, they will receive a 'free' 100% in whatever exploratory class that they have the first quarter of the 2013-2014 school year.

I opened up the challenge to all of my students, even going as far as inviting our rising 5th graders to participate.  I asked our High School art teacher if she wanted to play along as well and she said that she would give her rising 9th graders credit as well.  We might even go so far as having a Summer Techy Challenge and a Summer Music Challenge as well.  What better way to start off the new school year than with a free 100%?

The rules are simple:

·    Draw all 25 of the Challenge prompts during the summer

·    Drawings DO NOT need to be on 25 consecutive days, but please do put the date that you drew each challenge on your drawing

·    Put your first and last name on each drawing

·    Drawings should be in a folder that you design for The Day One design (can be just a large piece of paper folded in half)

·    Drawings are due back to Miss Smith at school the first week of school to get full credit

·    If all 25 drawings are done correctly, you will receive a free 100% in your first quarter enrichment class.

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