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Monday, June 3, 2013

End of year

Cleaning my tables with shaving cream is always a fun way to end the year. It eats through everything that has been on my tables all year long and leaves my room smelling minty fresh. I use the cheap kind in the can that you can get at the dollar store.

We learned that shaving cream is NOT whipped cream...but his face was priceless.

We drew pictures in the foam.

We wrote our names.

Business teachers came to play along as well!  Mrs. Jones was thrilled to find out the cleaning properties of shaving cream and took some of the left over cans to try out on her kitchen counter tops.  I also highly recommend it for cleaning sticky places on your floor, in your refrigerator, your glass top range, tile grout and shower, tubs and sinks!

All in all, a fun way to end the year with one of my favorite classes. 


  1. So how do you get it off the tables when you are finished?

  2. Hi Dawn! It sort of evaporates by the end of the class. I have the kids scoop up as much as they can and then wipe the tables down with a wet rag and then sponges. It really does take off all of the paint, ink and other marks on the tables. If there are big globs of glue or paint, you might have to scrub a little harder at the end, but the shaving cream softens it up so it isn't very difficult.